There may be plenty of reasons why you’re in need for motorbike, perhaps some you might not even realise, take a look here and see how many tick your boxes!

1. You hate traffic

If you’ve ever been caught in heavy traffic, you’ve more than likely looked over your shoulder and seen a motorcyclist speed past all the queues. This is undoubtedly a great reason to buy a bike: The ability to leave the traffic behind. See you later, folks!

2. You want to cut back on emissions

Unlike a standard car, motorbikes are much more environmentally friendly. Their engines are significantly smaller, they use less fuel, produce less harmful chemicals, and take up less non-renewable materials to make. What’s more, using less fuel means saving those precious euros. Ker-ching.

3. You hate the quest for a parking spot

Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, they can fit into tighter spaces, making finding a parking spot easier, the designated bays are often free- and in closer locations to key areas. No more circling the block

4. You’re broke

Compared to a new car, a new motorbike is often a fraction of the price. To add to this, a high-speed motorcycle is pretty cheap, when you compare a car that can reach the same speed will cost tens of thousands. Of course, the running costs are much less too, with cheaper insurance and license.

5. You hate being late

If you’re a stickler for staying on time, or just want to catch a few more z’s in the morning, rest assured a motorbike can get you where you need to be in no time at all. Leaving you more time for the things you love is always a win.

6. You live for road trips!

Whatever else happens is just an in-between. If you’re not actually on a road trip, you’re either nostalgic about one or planning for another, and what better way to get away from it all than on two wheels- the freedom is like no other!

7. You need your license, pronto!

Okay, okay, we gotchya! Time is of the essence, and you want to get out and about on the road asap, learning to ride a bike may just be the solution you need.

8. You want to hang on to value.

While resale value can depend on the make, model and style of motorbike that you have, in general, bikes retain their value much better than cars do. This likely has to do with the fewer miles these vehicles usually rack-up.

9. You like being part of a pack.

Once you become a motorbike owner, you’ll notice right away there’s a great deal of camaraderie between bikers on the road. So, you can readily make friends, or just round up your pals and go cruising.

10. You want to improve your physical health

Yep, that’s right. Avid motorcycle riding can serve as a healthy workout. Unlike a car, the rider and the bike must move in conjunction to point the direction they want. Thus, this extra movement causes more energy exertion to be spent by the rider, serving as a small cardio-workout! Well, have you ever wondered why Rossi has to be in such great shape?

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