2018 ENDURO BETA Challenge

Following last years’ successful event, WOTOMOTO together with ASMK (Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi) organised another exciting and eventful ENDURO BETA challenge! The scope behind organising this event was to showcase what off road bikes have to offer by challenging motorbike racers in completing an off-road track in the least time possible. The winner who did so would be sponsored by WOTOMOTO and rewarded an Enduro BETA motorbike, RR-2T-300 Racing 2019 model. The participant who would come in second place would be given an GO & FUN hamper whilst third place would be given a Eur30 voucher to spend at WOTOMOTO.

On the 16th of December a crowd of approximately 200 motorbike enthusiasts gathered at the ASMK Ta’ Qali race track to witness this exhilarating race. A total of 24 participants got to show off their skills and gave it their all racing through a thrilling 3km track, full of challenging obstacles and a whole lot of dirt! This years’ track proved to be more challenging then last years’ with various obstacles along the way mainly consisting of varying types of terrains; from terrain covered with rocks to muddy paths to rough off road paths.

Last years’ winner Bernard Sammut remains the reigning champion, beating his own record and completing the race in 03:19.258. Apart from the winning title, Mr.Sammut was rewarded the ultimate grand prize which consisted of an awesome Enduro BETA motorbike, RR-2T-300 Racing 2019 model. Mr Sammut will be sponsored by us, WOTOMOTO, and will participate in the 2018/2019 Enduro Championship giving his new BETA motorbike the justice it deserves and hopefully bringing home another couple of titles.

In second place was Carmelo Borg with a race time of 03:24.778 and in third place was Matthew Gauci with a race time of 03:28.840.

Keeping the crowd energised all day GO & FUN natural, energy drinks were handed out to all visitors. The organisers also made sure that the 24 participants were kept well nourished throughout the day by offering them free food as well as coffee and teas. WOTOMOTO would like to take this opportunity to thank ASMK once again for hosting yet another successful Enduro BETA challenge.