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2018 ENDURO BETA Challenge

Following last years’ successful event, WOTOMOTO together with ASMK (Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi) organised another exciting and eventful ENDURO BETA challenge! The scope behind organising this event was to showcase what off road bikes have to offer by challenging motorbike racers in completing an off-road track in the least time possible. The winner who … Continued

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0% Deposit Scheme by WotoMoto

Let’s begin by stating the obvious, traffic in Malta can be an utter nightmare! Starting off your day by taking ages to get from point A to point B then finally arriving at your destination only to take an eternity to find parking, is a major stressful start/addition to your day. It might seem that … Continued

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Beta Motorcycles show their class at World Enduro Championship 2017

Wotomoto takes an active interest in what its suppliers are doing with their own bikes. Beta Motorcycles is one such supplier whose motorcycles Wotomoto stocks. They are also one of the more exciting manufacturers as they have their own factory team that competes in the World Enduro Championship. Last week saw Team Beta Factory Enduro … Continued

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University of Malta teams up with Wotomoto

University of Malta and Wotomoto have teamed up to offer students great discounts on the purchase of new scooters through the KSU two-wheel fund. In an effort to provide a helping hand to students wanting to get onto two wheels, the University council and Wotomoto are offering a €300 discount towards the cost of a … Continued

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Turning Drivers Into Riders

The move from four wheels to two is accelerating and we’re super excited to be part of the journey of seeing more bikers on our roads! Being bikers ourselves, we meet some fantastic people who reach out to us as they are drawn into the ‘new’ world of motorbikes. Some get in touch with us … Continued

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Never Fear a Motorcycle

“Never fear a motorcycle, but always respect it,” said my dad to an adolescent me. With a firm tone and extended index finger he coached me as I sat stiff-armed with my hands on the bars and unblinking wide eyes locked on him.

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