Introducing the new Beta RR 125 2T motorcycle

We must admit to being caught somewhat unawares with the announcement of the 2018 Beta RR 125 2T enduro bike. While Beta are continually developing their motorcycle range, we were not expecting something so good, so soon!

The Beta RR 125 2T sits within the Youth and Junior competitive range. It is a 125CC two-stroke designed to be viable options in the World Enduro Championship and the Cadets, Junior and E1 categories of the Italian Enduro Championship. It will also likely prove its worth in other national and local enduro competitions too.

Designed specifically for riders around the age of 16, the bike looks the business. Bodywork is simple yet effective and looks very stylish. Ground clearance is high, weight has been kept to a minimum and the entire package has been designed to be agile and controllable and both high and low speed.

Engine highlights of the Beta RR 125 2T

The engine is obviously at the centre of the Beta RR 125 2T. The two-stroke motor was designed and built in-house in Italy and has been engineered to be as small and as balanced as possible within the limitations of the desired performance. That performance has been tuned to deliver predictable power all the way through the rev range without any power bands or surges.

The engine features:

  • Double piston rings to enhance reliability and low-end torque.
  • Beta progressive valve system that balances power throughout the rev range.
  • Ultra-reliable crankshaft with polyamide inserts which helps reduce weight and increase reliability.
  • Innovative exhaust flange system that maintains constant exhaust pressure for a smoother ride.
  • Lightweight aluminium cylinder head that helps keep weight down while also allowing for steady power delivery and for engine tuning.
  • Die-case crankcase and covers in aluminium and magnesium for maximum weight-saving.
  • Reliable Vforce4 reeds for maximum reliability without compromising engine performance.
  • 6-speed dog-box transmission designed specifically for this engine and for weight and reliability.
  • Centrally located multi-disc clutch for maximum balance and weight distribution.

Other highlights of the Beta RR 125 2T

The frame of the Beta RR 125 2T was inspired by other models in the range but designed and engineered specifically for this engine. The chrome molybdenum construction has been built to cradle the smaller engine with the lowest possible weight without compromising strength and rigidity.

This construction allows the Beta RR 125 2T to continue the RR characteristics of enviable agility, great handling and smooth ride. Beta wanted to create something completely new but with the key features that have made the Beta RR line so popular. We think they have succeeded.

Mechanical innovations include:

  • Balanced geometry of the bodywork to minimise vibrations and to keep the weight as centred as possible.
  • Sachs suspension as seen on others in the RR range as it has more than proven its value.
  • Specially designed exhaust configured to make the best use of this specific engine.
  • Engine-specific air filter, engine guard and cooling system to provide maximum reliability.
  • Nissin brakes as seen on other RR models as they are perfect for this type of bike.
  • Unique colours and graphics to make the Beta RR 125 2T really stand out.

With production already underway, we expect deliveries of the Beta RR 125 2T over the coming months. Get in touch with us for the latest update or if you would like to be one of the first to get your hands on one.