Suggestions for summer motorcycling in Malta

Riding a motorcycle is one of the best ways to enjoy Malta. Being close to nature, feeling the wind in your face and not having a steel cage around you can be very liberating. But motorcycling is a balance between enjoying the ride and staying safe. So can you enjoy riding a motorcycle in our gorgeous Maltese climate while staying safe? Of course you can with these four tips!

Layer up

It may seem illogical to add layers when the sun is shining but if you do it right, you remain cool even in the heat. It has worked for Bedouins for thousands of years and it can work for us too. Start by using a quick drying and breathable base layer. Good examples of these are synthetic base layers such as polypropylene and polyester. Designed to sit next to the skin, it allows air to circulate to help keep you cool whilst absorbing away sweat.

Next, a good pair of reinforced motorcycle jeans will do the trick. They offer the protection you need to stay safe while also not being too warm or stifling. For the top half, a light summer textile jacket with air vents will keep you cool while also offer the right level of protection. Finish off with a pair of summer gloves. A helmet is of course a safety must; just make sure all vents are open.

For additional comfort, check out this innovative new cooling vest ideal for Maltese riding from Macna, available from Wotomoto.

Video Copyright – Robert Jan van der Kaaij


Any time you are exposed to the sun, it is vital to stay hydrated. One often overlooked by-product of dehydration is the impairment of thought, reaction times and awareness. All things you need while on two wheels. Proper hydration is essential whether you are sitting on the beach or riding a motorcycle. Good thing is that this provides you with the perfect excuse at one of many motorbike friendly bars and cafes around the island!

Think bike

Never underestimate motorcycle maintenance. Always make sure that you are not missing out on routine checks, but also performing a couple of brief visual checks to alert you to any potential problems. Remember to check tyres, brakes, brake fluid levels, hoses and lights before you start the engine.

Plan ahead

While there is nothing like just getting on the bike and exploring, having a plan in mind can help a lot. Malta may not be large but it has a lot going on and a lot of places to explore. Factor in places you want to visit, hydration, food and anything else you might like to squeeze in. Summer is a fantastic time of year to enjoy Malta on two wheels. Ride safely and you can enjoy the island and everything it has to offer.