Turning Drivers Into Riders

The move from four wheels to two is accelerating and we’re super excited to be part of the journey of seeing more bikers on our roads!

Being bikers ourselves, we meet some fantastic people who reach out to us as they are drawn into the ‘new’ world of motorbikes. Some get in touch with us as they are drawn to the excitement and freedom of riding, whilst others are looking for a practical solution to their everyday commute.

The elation of being on a bike needs no explaining to someone who is a rider already. One of the first things you go through when on a bike is a coming alive of your senses. The sense of acceleration is very intense and the experience is so absorbing that riding a bike at 30km/h feels like the equivalent of driving a car at over a 100km/h. It’s very engaging and requires focus and complete awareness of one’s surroundings, such that the only thing one can possibly think about is the task at hand.

This is exactly why Wotomoto has been set up. Wotomoto is inspired by our love affair with the motorbike and we are here to be everything possible for those who join our clan. We are a group of diverse individuals but with something in common – a passion for being on two wheels and we are here to offer service, support and advice to our community.

In our upcoming blog posts we will share with you what we have picked up along the way including our ideas on how to buy your first bike, what to look out for when you’re out on the road and what are the best routes for biking in Malta and abroad.