Valuable feedback from ‘Suggestions for summer motorcycling in Malta’

It’s always nice to see something you do being received well! Some weeks ago we published a blog post titled ‘Suggestions for summer motorcycling in Malta’; a quick guide we prepared on how to make the most of biking in Malta this summer. We promoted this piece on our Facebook page and we received quite a few comments containing some more great tips well worth mentioning again.


One suggestion from Tony Jackson was to wear a cotton t-shirt underneath an armoured summer jacket to help keep you keep cool. Cotton is a very useful layer to wear underneath a good riding jacket so we have to side with Tony on this one. Purpose-made synthetic t-shirts will also do the job as they wick and release sweat fast, however they can also be quite expensive.

Keep it tight

User Ja Da mentioned the need to keep helmets secured at all times and to not wear baggy shorts while riding a motorcycle. Two pieces of very useful information. Keeping a helmet fastened is an excellent piece of advice. In the event of an accident, you need the helmet to remain in place to offer maximum protection. If the chin strap irritates, adjust or change it but don’t ride without it fastened. As for the baggy short, it’s good to note that riding a bike in shorts is not a great idea to start with!

Assume you are invisible

An excellent piece of advice for any road user but especially those on two wheels came from John B.Vincenti. He suggested always assuming that no one can see you while on the road. This does form part of new rider training but is so important that it is well worth highlighting again.

Tired and tested

Our final piece of feedback was also immensely useful. Mario Camilleri said to always be aware of slippery road surfaces, diesel and petrol spillages and melted tar. All of these can seriously degrade grip. We second that opinion. Always be aware of the condition of the road surface and ride appropriately to the conditions. We would also add to always have a quick check of your tyre condition too. They also suffer in the heat. If you need tyres, Wotomoto stocks a range of top class Bridgestone high grip tyres available in most sizes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who commented and added their own useful tips for new motorcyclists. That is what a community is all about. Keep the feedback coming, we read and appreciate all of it!